Nature tells

Nature tells me Do what you have to do. If you get cut down, grow Feed your children And if you can't Abandon the ones that won't survive. . We will all be back here Whether as hungry ghosts Human souls Moss Whether we take on this gentle, soft human form on again or not … Continue reading Nature tells


Autistic masking and authenticity. #TakeTheMaskOff

Personal stories in the context of #TakeTheMaskOff – hiding and camouflaging autism spectrum traits for so-called social acceptability. How I did it, why and how I'm doing it less, results. . Accusations of authenticity I've been accused by a friend, a while ago, of always trying to be completely authentic. Even in situations in which … Continue reading Autistic masking and authenticity. #TakeTheMaskOff

1984: why do they all doublespeak?

In a previous post, I have described the Catch-22 (crazy-making) situation of having empath experiences while not realising others don't. To keep up the reference to dystopic novels, over time this landed me in a serious 1984 episode of doublespeak. Because in believing that all people have intense empath and intuitive experiences which for some enigmatic … Continue reading 1984: why do they all doublespeak?