Personal growth series

Here I’m compiling some of the articles focussed on personal growth, resilience, facing and overcoming crises and mental health challenges.



How to get out of anger loops. And why honouring anger is vital especially for HSPs, empaths, and every stripe of cultural underdog.

How to misunderstand radical acceptance, and what being at home with sensations and emotions may mean.

We are the world. (How to live in it when you care and often feel it’s apocalyptic.)

How to keep your balance across cycles of desire and disappointment

How to walk the tightrope between social burnout and agonising isolation?

The freedom to reject and be rejected

Taming solitude, once again.


Art & creativity

Do you have the courage to doodle? (In art, music and life.)

Can you hear the questions? (in today’s piano improv soundtrack)

Finding and maintaining a voice … in music and life (incl. improvised piano audio track)



Vague variations on the ten bulls (a Zen parable on taming the mind) – on how I wanted to be a monk as a kid.

Mindfulness-based energy clearing (for empaths and otherwise) – discusses aspects of my vipassana practice, dissociation, and how to use mindfulness when you’re feeling other people’s feelings.


Positive disintegration

Two articles in vague context of Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration, written at a time of renewed disintegration (for me, it’s always the right time for that ;-)).

Positive disintegration, mental health crises as shamanic awakenings, post-traumatic growth, and self-delusion

Strength and resilience in constant disintegration?


Using dreams for guidance

My take on finding genuine soul guidance in dreams.

How the crazy scientist uses dreams to navigate life challenges – in an empirical way (1)

Using dreams as your soul’s GPS (2)


The dark side – depression / suicidal thoughts

Seasons of the psyche – a general cliche article (yet popular) on cycles of darkness, depth, fertility.

Is depression a choice? – I know the official answer, but twisting it around polemically here. On depression as an adaptive response, an emergency break of the psyche, and on figuring out whether one is ready to loosen that brake. Hell, actually (months later) since I’ve loosened that brake certainly hell has broken loose. Yup, I get now why it was there in the first place.

Wielding suicidal thoughts as a ceremonial sabre to cut the crap – a questionable post that can be misunderstood; it’s about how getting to the limit can sometimes be used for weeding out the crap that one is too attached too or too scared of otherwise.



I have a separate article series on managing your empathic “psi” if it’s driving you nuts here. The articles below are focussed more on self-development than on understanding terms, figuring out if you’re an empath, etc.

Empath strategies infographic – a nice visual overview of challenges and strategies if you think of yourself as an empath.

Boundaries for empaths

How to use your empath experiences for debugging yourself

How to stop feeling other people’s emotions – Zen version

The alternative, long-term empath survival kit


Initiation, shamanism, insanity and such

Empathic sensitivity as an initiation journey

Shamanism and insanity



The queer empath and multiple outsiderhood – short piece on how I’m pretending to be finding my way with being an outsider in most conceivable ways and contexts. I didn’t even know I was also autistic then 🙂 makes me think of becoming a professional outsider as a career path.


Grounding and stability for sensitives

Struggling to find your ground? – on ordinary out-of-body experiences and grounding, in the sense of actually inhabiting your body, for your mental and physical health.

Food energetics for sensitives – another major and in my experience absolutely essential aspect of grounding for empaths, autistic people, highly sensitive people: seeing foods in terms of their qualities, not calorie content. Based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, among other things, describes my own path with this, theories and some resources.




Empaths, past pain and mood swings – an article on telling apart various types of mood swings; caused by food (linked to hormones), trauma, or being an empath. Confusing if you experience all three.



(Separate aspie-series is here.)

Communing with the truth – this one is about autism and “masking”, but with some imagination can be read to hint at a bunch of universal philosophical points on “true self” and re-evaluating life from a new perspective, regrets, hopes. If you’re unfamiliar with the topic of masking autism, check the resources at the bottom first, otherwise this may make little sense.

Love is rain at the roots. – a personal letter on strength, resilience and love to a queer autistic friend.

A journal entry in improvised music – very vaguely autism-related; on music and sounds as some people’s primary mode of expression.

How to walk the tightrope between social burnout and agonising isolation? – what it says on the tin.