The second spring storm just passed my window. Today is the day that most buds on the trees finally decided to open, and for the first time this year, there is a mist of green in the wood. A visitor is arriving later this evening on the train. This person has – compared to my … Continue reading Renewal


Feel Thy field

This works for me because one of the major incentives to "travel" into other people's energies was that I didn't know how to locate my field; I didn't know I have one. The reason for losing the way home was probably a level of emotional stress that made my field subjectively uninhabitable as a child. … Continue reading Feel Thy field

What do people look like if you don’t see energy?

I can't believe it One of the big surprises and confusions for me when I “discovered” (was told, and slowly tested) the idea of being an empath was that I assumed that everyone feels this visceral, kinaesthetic echo of others’ emotions, state of being, soul and bodily states in their being. For me that was … Continue reading What do people look like if you don’t see energy?