Empath how-to series

This is a compilation of blog posts that is intended to help you survive and thrive as an empath, especially if you are coming from a place of overwhelm or even trauma and need substantial work to find your balance, contentment and flow.

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Empaths and other animals

Who on earth (as opposed to intergalactic space) are empaths?

Being an empath is not the same as being empathic, just like being a telepath isn’t the same thing as being thoughtful

Who are highly sensitive people, emotionally intense people, empaths, clairsentients, intuitives and psychics?

Are you an empath or any of these?


How to recognise empath overload

Why do empaths often get so tired?

Signs of empath overload compared to some similar conditions

Empaths, mood swings and trauma


How to start stabilising yourself now

Start with foundation level: some (Ayurvedic) nutrition thoughts for empaths

Struggling to find your ground? Grounding techniques for empaths

Are you (literally) feeling others’ feelings? How to tell them from your own?

Empath quick-fixes: how to reduce what you absorb

How to get rid of sponged energy


Slower and deeper paths to growth

How to top feeling other peoples’ emotions – Zen version

The long-term, alternative empath survival kit

(Why) is others’ energy “sticking” to you?

How to use your empath experiences for debugging yourself


Energy work basics

What the heck is an energy field?

Feel Thy field



How do I make use of my skills – interpersonally, at work, at home?

How do I sharpen and develop my skills?

Energy self-healing basics

How do I use empath skills for pure enjoyment?

How do I use empath skills for creativity and insight?

How do I use empath skills for personal development?

Developing your spiritual sensitivity to ground and anchor you