Bastardising Neurotribes with indigenous cosmologies

Yesterday I was secretly intending to comment on my current reading of Steve Silberman's Neurotribes (an ultra-short summary is in his TED talk, which motivated me to read the book finally). Maybe I can get to it in a round-about way. Ever since a bunch of friends half-convinced me that I can obviously classify myself … Continue reading Bastardising Neurotribes with indigenous cosmologies

Cabinet of mirrors (or “the weeks of karma”)

This is just a short motivational / intention note. With the renewed travel restrictions in Europe, it seems like I'll be stuck in the big city for the next period. This wasn't my preferred choice, I'd already had too much of it in the spring lockdown period, and escaped in summer as much as possible … Continue reading Cabinet of mirrors (or “the weeks of karma”)

Capitalism and honesty

Since I've spent perhaps ten years or move surveying inner landscapes of both self and occasionally others in depth, and found ways to resolve a couple of issues that could have turned out worse through research and ingenuity largely (and maybe perseverance and mistake tolerance), on and off it crosses my mind, or somebody else … Continue reading Capitalism and honesty

Update on autistics in cities, sanity as a currency and tribal apoptosis

Long break from writing. Moving to another city in another country and a different (sub)culture, living with something like a partner, dealing with city, changes, trying to manage arranging an apartment. Too much to deal with to keep a focus on writing. Both good times in a busy way, and just overwhelm from too many … Continue reading Update on autistics in cities, sanity as a currency and tribal apoptosis

Gifted at the ancient craft

Gifted with the ancient, long-forgotten craft We take flight We see the shadows on the other side of the mirror In a world that has lost its concept of that mirror Still, instinct is awake, and somehow, ancestral memory is reborn through spontaneous perception. . Talented at an ancient art In yet another era of … Continue reading Gifted at the ancient craft

Intergenerational trauma re-play

It was definitely a well-scripted play. Setting, surprise, suspense, culmination, resolution, aftermath, reverberations. A good portion of drama, directed by the echoes of the past, the fruitfulness and irritability of the moment, and a certain aesthetic sensitivity. Philharmonic sensitivity. When to increase the tension and volume, when to let it abate. The fallout was and … Continue reading Intergenerational trauma re-play