Leftover red paint #1

I don’t like when I’ve got some paint left on the palette that would just dry up and be wasted.

For some reason often red paint remains. 

I had a lot of red paint today and decided to use it up in some way, and produced a series of abstractions that I honestly like because they seem to express something visceral quite well. 

Below is one of the images in the series.

For whatever reason I feel some primal resonance with some of the shapes; looking over them again and trying to understand why, what they could possibly represent (if not visually then kinaesthetically). 

This way of painting I think sometimes digs up things that have been forgotten, or never remembered conceptually, visceral memories, and some motives repeat a lot, although I can’t reconstruct what they are. Whether archetypes or other strange, strong imprints. 

In a way, psychological archaeology with leftover paint. 

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