Empath and energy stories

Because I get a lot of psychic-seeming empath or energy experiences, at some point I thought it would make sense to record them – mostly for myself, to gain an overview of this and to help myself see patterns, perhaps, that can help me in the future to notice and untangle this … sooner.

I’m blogging about this because a) it’s fun, sometimes, to put this into (true) stories b) perhaps people relate c) those that don’t, may still find it interesting as a glimpse into a strange kind of human experiences.

I’ve had the fear that d) people may find this crazy or regard me as unserious for it, but since this is my blog, and I’m neither unserious nor crazy with respect to these things, I’m still putting them up here.

These are largely in reverse chronological order (newer first; some of the older ones are nice, though :-)).

If that’s not enough for you, the empath article series contains many more real stories from my life that I use there as examples to illustrate my points.


Good start

What is the difference between high sensitivity and energy sensitivity? HSP vs. empath. Features the ghost at the lake.


Empath stories

Your soul has left this house – contains brief mention of how I (presumably) saw a soul “evaporate” from someone who unexpectedly died soon afterwards.

Love is rain at the roots – doesn’t contain explicit mention of psi, but this is for the person because of / with whom I have pretty much discovered and experienced a lot of this. (More of a personal piece.)

The heart of darkness. A true story about sixth sense, queer dating, and crazy scientists. – in which I “see” a black heart (with my strange empath sense) and later learn its meaning.

What does it feel like to feel others’ feelings, telepathically? – a small, “ordinary” experience of my moods closely following a remote friend’s types of distress; with some theory and reflections on how this feels different from feeling my own feelings (confusing the two is a major issue for me).

The empath and the itchy sweater – psychic or neurodivergent? – another small, “ordinary” story about feeling someone else’s sensations over distance, with original chat quotations.

The black-footed girl. Another true story on clairvoyance, and why I entered and quit energy healing. – in which I localise physical and perhaps emotional problems in a child that I’ve never seen (even on a photo) and whose age I don’t even know, with later confirmation. In which I also accidentally scare the sh*t out of a grandmother whose daughter has ordered a distance healing … without informing her (or me of her lack of knowledge). With some reflections on the responsibilities and limitations inherent in “energy healing”, and why I’ve put it to the side (temporarily?) after I learnt that it seems to be … at least to some degree real.

Being an empath is like being water? – a short metaphorical photo/text on how constantly feeling others can blur your identity.


Empath theory

What the heck is this “energy” that empaths are sensitive to? – in which I get annoyed at the imprecise, unscientific way in which “energy” is used in New Age circles and try to get to the bottom of what the heck I (and other empaths, and probably everyone to varying degrees) feel when I/we feel “energy” in person or over distance.

Mirror touch synaesthesia and feeling others’ pain – in which I mention my earliest empath memory (kindergarten) and how I got rid of a pain in a very unusual way (still remains gone), with some theory thoughts on similar incidents described scientifically, very recently (in Joel Salinas, Mirror Touch).

Ways to be an empath: psychological and psychic – a graphic I did on how various ways of being and empath can confuse you, some ways out of it, some gifts and questions.


(Messing with) energy healing stories

These are stories and reflections from the period when I was experimenting with “feeling” random strangers from the internet over distance.

Letting others’ unhealed wounds heal you (kamikaze energy work) – in which I apply some mindfulness and radical self-honesty principles to try to solve the problem discussed in the next post below.

On letting people suffer (as an empath and energy healer) – reflections on being (un)able to (viscerally, energetically) disconnect from another’s pain.

An encounter with Santa Muerte (on surviving hardcore visions) – in which I happen to hit on a “client” who worships Death, which unfortunately I learn only after having spent the night seeing puzzling visions of her favourite deity.

The physical empath enters your knee – account of a random instinctual emergency “healing” I did … somehow … that knee apparently remains fixed half a year later after heavy usage and more accidents.


Help for those who are victims of their own psi

If you are an empath yourself and are looking on some (groping in the dark) guidance on how to stop your psi from driving your nuts, the empath article series may interest you (always looking for feedback / improvements).

If you got down to here, I hope you got something useful out of this and thanks for reading!