Catching glimpses

of a liveable life

of a habitable



here and there,

usually in between of waves of catastrophes

and dreams of tsunamis.


how many times

can the fire bird fly

catch the usual crash

and reconstitute itself from atoms

the way a caterpillar-butterfly does from cells?*


*apparently they actually decompose into a soup of cells while being in the cocoon.


i certainly do feel like that.

sometimes i feel my body is the Earth and there are tectonic plates shifting,

not just on the surface, but in the core rock structures.

they rumble over each other,

there is lightning,

they melt and consolidate,

generate friction, crumble,

become brittle,

and in the end somehow i feel new

like after a clean shower.


i’ve stopped resisting this.

it used to scare me,

now i try to accept that i actually am the Earth

in the sense of Gaia,

that this is probably Her life blood.



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