Aspie articles

Most of my articles touch on autism somehow, as – well they’re written by an autistic (aspie type) person whose perspective on life is informed by this trait.

Still I’m compiling some of the articles here that deal with autism-related topics explicitly.

This is my personal perspective, and some of this was written before I had a good grasp on what autism exactly means, so may be mixing in things that are actually high sensitivity, the over-excitabilities characteristic of “giftedness”, or artefacts of being cross-cultural and bilingual.



How to walk the tightrope between social burnout and agonising isolation?

What does autism have to do with cultural outsiderhood? On aspies, third culture kids and hybrids.

Communing with the truth. How an autistic family puzzle got solved and a cracked circle made sense.

A sensory seeker’s awkward yet fascinating journey in dance improvisation. Features funny aspie moments, touch, pressure and interoception.


Some aspie-related articles, chronologically:

These two were actually written before I researched much into autism (though people had mentioned that I’m probably an aspie). I’m including them because while I was thinking I’m writing about (only) empath experience, I now believe there’s a lot to do with autism in there, too.

Catch-22: seeing the elephant in the room, and not realising others don’t

1984: why do they all doublespeak?


This is an article where I’m still a bit clueless, but some people found it interesting enough to leave thoughtful comments (check them out!), so I include it.

Can an empath be autistic?


In this one people are rubbing the autistic topic up my nose again, and I’m investigating and putting together pieces.

Asperger’s revisited. Autistic, gifted, sensitive, psychic?


These are about my gender dysphoria and reflections on whether / in how far it stems from aspie-hood (first) and how aspie-hood possibly influenced my experience of it (second).

One disaster of an aspie puberty in a female body (featuring gender dysphoria, gayness, BPD and spirits)

The autistic type of gender dysphoria?


I thought for a long time that my sensitivity is based on being a highly sensitive person (HSP) and didn’t realise it was more than that – autism. Some articles comparing the two.

Highly sensitive or autistic?

Inheriting neurodivergent traits: blending the highly sensitive with the autistic, in a family (2)


Being egocentric here ranting about how social rules don’t let me smell the flowers. This may be about over-excitability and sensory sensitivity in general more than about autism in particular.

Suppressing autistic behaviours = sucking the juice out of life?


This is perhaps my favourite, a love letter (or letter of appreciating strength, resilience and love) to a very special person who is autistic and transgender. It was written for this one person, but I thought others with similar life experiences may also enjoy reading such an appreciation-manifesto.

Love is rain at the roots.


This one is on gender and giftedness.

Using giftedness to mask autism; overlooked gifted autistic girls


I hope you find something to enjoy or relate! Feel free to comment, share, or inbox me! That includes if you see stuff that’s inconsistent / missing / that I’m not seeing.