We are the world. (How to live in it when you care and often feel it’s apocalyptic.)

A personal response to a bunch of fundamental questions thrown open by a friend. On the state of the world. Ecology, politics, disaster, apocalypse, social injustice — recap on the ancient "suffering in the world" question. Attempts at living sensitive and open, not go either numb or crazy, perhaps be useful. From a moderately privileged, queer autistic first/second-world perspective. (Spoiler: non-political, ahimsa, empaths, buddhism, zarathustra, and nuanced hope. Despite topic no trigger warnings, presumably safe to read.)

Descending into the Hades negotiating over souls. (Panic poetry.)

... I can't do it. I'm too rational for that. I know they will do what their deepest will is, what their ultimate rightness is. I'm not here to oppose the plans of Time, of the tao, to change the dharma. I understand (and I feel) when people want to leave. * I strongly suspect … Continue reading Descending into the Hades negotiating over souls. (Panic poetry.)

Communing with the truth. How an autistic family puzzle got solved and a cracked circle made sense.

Personal account of realising quite late that I've been masking autism (playing normal) for a very long time; recounting related history of mental health troubles, family insights (autistic parent), relationship insights, meltdowns and shutdowns, regrets, hopes, reflections, images, metaphors about the experience. From the perspective of a queer aspie; contains emotions, existential reflections, the Japanese flag as a substitute for a Dali painting, and resources on autistic women / girls and masking.