Sabbath of the (trans) witches at the red river

I walked out into the woods talking with you one the phone until darkness fell and I had to find my way back with the deer crossing. . So you say you've been a man, just like I've been a woman. Sometimes you still are. I know, I see that duality, although I'm not sure … Continue reading Sabbath of the (trans) witches at the red river


The autistic type of gender dysphoria?

This is another one about the intersection of being autistic and transgender. Content alert: talks of periods, bras, and such (if that freaks you out, as it does for me occasionally). I have described the painful way in which I lived through the switch from (genderless) "child" to "woman" here, after having read a few … Continue reading The autistic type of gender dysphoria?

Can an empath be autistic?

... since the one purportedly means being over-empathic and the other lacking empathy? Let me start by saying that both these definitions are wrong, and then tell some stories. The gossip Last year, a close friend of mine moved out of her ramshackle town up to Ottawa. She is not only diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, … Continue reading Can an empath be autistic?