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Are you (literally) feeling others’ feelings?

Here are some ways in which feeling others' emotions (as an empath) differs from feeling your own: 1. They are out of context. Usually when feeling your own sadness, you know what you are sad about, or can get to the Heart of Darkness (Conrad reference) on a reasonably short path of honest self-reflection (the… Continue reading Are you (literally) feeling others’ feelings?

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What the heck is an energy field?

I once got fired from an empath course because the instructor insisted that I invade her field. Since I was at the time a PhD student trained in science and not a medium trained in new-age phraseology, my deepest heartfelt response to that was "What?!". Electromagnetism? Potatoes? So should I bring rubber boots next time?… Continue reading What the heck is an energy field?