Friend from the Amazon

You travelled down the river blind And deaf. Compulsively seeing, hearing, categorising every minute thing Grasping with my senses and mind For paper security in self-obliteration For an identity that won't jar so loud That it shatters the glass in people's windows Remembering perhaps that my life was in danger Once For showing who i … Continue reading Friend from the Amazon

Is it wise to think of mental health crises as shamanic awakenings? Features positive disintegration, post-traumatic growth, and self-delusion.

Bookish and theory (but also exhibitionist personal) post on whether what's called "mental health crises" in contemporary parlance is equally well – or better – conceptualised as either the necessary growth pains of personality development (Dąbrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration; post-traumatic growth theorists) or the breakthrough moments in spiritual development (Brogan, McLaren, and lots of others including New Age shamanism). Includes bibliographical and Pink Floyd references. 

Is there strength and resilience in constant disintegration?

I haven't been doing justice to this blog's title lately – in fact, it's made me feel somewhat guilty and ashamed. Reaching too high. This is because the last weeks have been another "zero point" phase – and these phases are so frequent in my life. (Sometimes I'm thinking of reading Dabrowski's Theory of Positive … Continue reading Is there strength and resilience in constant disintegration?

Empathic sensitivity as an initiation journey

I take it as a given that highly sensitive people (HSPs), intuitives and empaths have many unique strengths. You can find lists of them in almost any (upbeat) publication on the topic – sensitive people are typically deep thinkers, perceptive in the interpersonal, natural, and often cultural realms (think artists, musicians, writers), and often care … Continue reading Empathic sensitivity as an initiation journey

Shamanism and insanity

I've had a bunch of people telling me I'm a "shaman" lately. While this has certainly tickled my ego, as the term seems to at least carry the implication of being somehow special – I've started reflecting on all these things and what they mean. I've never interpreted my visions and encounters with what I'd … Continue reading Shamanism and insanity