Doctor of philosophy

That's the title of a (Polish) jazz record my guitar teacher made. (In 2014, the time when I was seeking self, meaning and homeland in dusty & martyrological Warsaw and on the side benefitted from spending the British pounds I'd shnorred from the last PhD scholarship on professional guitar lessons with an actual jazz musician … Continue reading Doctor of philosophy



to K. For some of us it is really hard to incarnate. The world of structure, the world of ideas,  both logic and aesthetics are safer than the world of that which is inchoate, and does not speak in any human tongue.  It is the human, the bedrock of the human. (Although philosophers think words … Continue reading Incarnation

Descending into the Hades negotiating over souls. (Panic poetry.)

... I can't do it. I'm too rational for that. I know they will do what their deepest will is, what their ultimate rightness is. I'm not here to oppose the plans of Time, of the tao, to change the dharma. I understand (and I feel) when people want to leave. * I strongly suspect … Continue reading Descending into the Hades negotiating over souls. (Panic poetry.)