Why does the tree

Why does the tree Bear so much fruit? Every year? . Mum reads books and says Out of the two million seeds of a beech One becomes a tree. . If the tree was goal-driven, it would grow depressed and give up after the first million. Is there joy in bringing fruit? By that, in … Continue reading Why does the tree


Nature tells

Nature tells me Do what you have to do. If you get cut down, grow Feed your children And if you can't Abandon the ones that won't survive. . We will all be back here Whether as hungry ghosts Human souls Moss Whether we take on this gentle, soft human form on again or not … Continue reading Nature tells

We are the world. (How to live in it when you care and often feel it’s apocalyptic.)

A personal response to a bunch of fundamental questions thrown open by a friend. On the state of the world. Ecology, politics, disaster, apocalypse, social injustice — recap on the ancient "suffering in the world" question. Attempts at living sensitive and open, not go either numb or crazy, perhaps be useful. From a moderately privileged, queer autistic first/second-world perspective. (Spoiler: non-political, ahimsa, empaths, buddhism, zarathustra, and nuanced hope. Despite topic no trigger warnings, presumably safe to read.)