Personal support

Apart from the information in the articles, I am also offering one-on-one support in the form of consultations and energy work.

If you think you might be interested, contact me for details.

Consultations for sensitives and empaths

If you feel dazed and confused regarding any of these topics, I’m available for an e-mail exchange (regarding a specific question of yours) or a short, 20-30 min Skype call.

This is also a good option if you are wondering whether and how all this applies to you. I may (may!) be able to help you figure out where you fall on the energy sensitivity continuum. If you are stressed out by your sensitivity and are an empath, this is important to know as a lot of the available self-help and therapy (even for HSPs) may not fully help you unless you know how to adapt it.

If you are highly sensitive or energy sensitive but not to the degree of being an (overloaded) empath, it can be useful to rule out this option and focus on supportive lifestyle and mindset shifts.

Coaching for energy sensitive people, empaths and intuitives

If you are on your path to coming to terms with your energy sense but feel that you could use some external input, feedback and support, here is some of what I can offer:

  1. Validation and someone you can simply talk to about these experiences without meeting a blank stare, if you aren’t fortunate enough to have had someone like that around. That was what I needed first and for a long time.
  2. Help working with individually chosen methods to alleviate empath or intuitive overload. While you can learn a lot from instructional texts and videos, sometimes it’s helpful to practice together with someone, discuss your challenges and progress, receive immediate feedback and have questions answered where possible.
  3. If you are interested in long-term improvement, I can offer a second, external perspective on what may be worth working on or possible to do from someone who understands energy sensitivity. I have often needed that, even if it wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, because it’s often easier to focus on others than to see my own issues clearly. There are some things that are hard to see on your own even if you do your best.
  4. Accountability. If you commit to working towards a specific goal, meeting periodically with another person to check in on your challenges and progress helps.

Important: I’m not licensed as a therapist and in no position to help with serious mental problems. 

Coaching for highly sensitive and intuitive people who are not empaths

While empaths are a subset of highly sensitive and intuitive people who meet very specific challenges, there is a set of challenges that is common to most sensitives and intuitives.

What I can offer is similar to the above, but instead of specific empath techniques we can focus on other challenges related to sensitivity that you are meeting, such as

  • self-acceptance, self-love and self-respect as a sensitive person
  • working on how to use these traits to your advantage in your life situation
  • learning to trust your instinct and intuition again (as this is your superpower)
  • understanding, accepting and asserting your needs even if they are not mainstream
  • support in developing a lifestyle that works for you so you can maximise the benefits and positive uses of sensitivity and minimise the drawbacks
  • developing emotional resilience so you can do more out in the world

Important: I’m not licensed as a therapist and in no position to help with serious mental problems. 

Energy work

I am usually able to sense another person’s energy body over distance and sometimes receive intuitive visions or words. I also channel energy and sometimes (as I’m guided) move blockages or sedimentations. While I don’t believe that one person can literally heal another (and I certainly can’t), I do believe sometimes it’s possible to set something moving in another that was stuck, and so support their self-healing.

My energy healing sessions come with a detailed report of anything that I sensed or saw, and if you want to we can discuss together whether that resonates or how it could be relevant to your life.

I believe the value of this to be mainly in getting another energy sensitive person’s perspective (on things you might be so used to that you don’t notice them) and in giving your system a sense of safety and support so it can receive soft nudges towards integration.

Read more here.

Individualised nutrition and lifestyle consultations for sensitives (Ayurvedic)

Based on my training in the energy-based Ayurvedic system of nutrition and lifestyle support and my experience with what it may take to nourish a sensitive nervous system, I may be able to help you to pick the most important and effective lifestyle changes to take given your unique psychophysical constitution (dosha). I need to see what you look like, ideally hear what you sound like, and have you answer a range of body and health-related questions for that.

Important: I’m not licensed as a medical practitioner and in no position to help with serious medical problems.