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While sensitivity is a strength, it’s still taken me decades to see that and piece together my user’s manual for that superpower (which in my case involved a few unlikely psi-skills driving me near-crazy).

As is the case for many sensitive people, my early life experiences led me to believe that being highly sensitive, emotional, or empathic is a weakness, shame, or a free ticket to being the lifelong eccentric outsider. Worse still, some people are led to believe it’s a mental illness, or end up developing one as an effect of not learning how to take care of their unique needs and skill set.

Some don’t, and these are some of the people who seem to radiate inner light when you look at them; are enthusiastic and great at what they do, which they usually twist in a way to benefit the world. I’d like to see more sensitive people on the sunny side of the street. That’s why I’d like to support other sensitives, empaths and intuitives in developing the user manuals for their personal superpowers.

Is this for you? Here may be a good place to start.


The centre of the universe (a.k.a. “me”)



I’m Sasha. I’m an empath, energy healer and medical intuitive among other more conventional things. Such as being trained as a neuroscientist and working as an editor, with the occasional artist’s day.  I walk in the forest daily and read holistic health and psychology studies to relax. I’m queer (non-binary) and multilingual, frequently nomadic.

You’ll find plenty of more and less serious snapshots from my personal story sprinkled into these pages.

Please e-mail me with ideas, comments and questions.