Healing sessions

I sometimes offer online (remote) healing sessions against a donation of your choice.

For an idea about what to expect, you can read the energy healing stories, and especially my article on what the heck energy is and how energy sensitivity is different from high sensitivity.


What you can expect


A thorough, detailed report of everything I perceive when doing a remote “energy scan”

I’m not sure what else to call this, but I’m able to tune into people’s energy without ever having met them or even talked on the phone. What happens is basically that I will feel phantom copies of (part of) the person’s sensations and emotions in my own body. This can include physical health problems, mental health problems, overall qualities of the bodymind and its states of balance or imbalance.

This is often really detailed and specific, people are frequently shocked or persecute me with phone calls after I give them a reasonably accurate report of their various issues.


A patient, compassionate discussion of how this information may be useful for your life or the issues you’re facing.

Note: I’m trained as an Ayurvedic nutritionist and have experience with various bodywork modalities, but I can’t give medical advice. I can usually suggest lifestyle, nutritional or emotional interventions – things you can do yourself.

I can also sometimes highlight problems that seem to require medical attention or the help of a mental health professional, things worth checking or paying attention to.


Shamanic/empathic healing

I can do something that’s similar to Reiki, except that I actually see what energy process is happening in detail and am able to tell you in cases where that’s helpful.

I usually quickly get a sense of whether a problem is likely to respond to energy healing modalities, and if I feel that it makes sense to try (rather than use conventional medicine, psychotherapy, Ayurveda, herbs, exercise, lifestyle, or other sensible means) and you request it, we can try that.

(The way I get that sense is that in some people, energy will start shifting even while just doing a scan. If I feel it, and you feel it, you probably respond well to that kind of thing.)

These sessions can sometimes help with psychosomatic issues (which you may not realise are psychosomatic), caused by frozen emotions or experiences; things like mysterious chronic pains, muscle tensions, wandering discomfort, menstrual issues, etc. Crazily enough I’ve also used this on mechanical joint injuries and the client insists it helped.


Please contact me for details.

Suggested donation: for a scan 15-30 EUR/USD/GBP, for a healing session: depending on your needs and means.

I have been offering this for free for a long time, but a small fee may make both of us more comfortable with the fact that I’m dedicating considerable stretches of time and focus to your wellbeing and development.