Empathic readings


My approach

After starting my meditation practice, I’ve spent years (about a decade) training myself to read and heal my own energy body for my own self-development. At one point, I realised – to my surprise – that I’m apparently able to receive the same type of information about others’ energy bodies either through physical channels (vision, touch) or – that took me a long time to take seriously – through shifting my internal focus, even if the person is not physically present.

I’m making this available as a service because I often receive forceful intuitive insights (usually in the form of images, bodily sensations and emotions) upon first meeting someone, and while in daily life social convention requires suppressing these, I do think that this skill has a purpose – there are people who value receiving that type of insight from someone trusted who has access to it.

I don’t see myself as giving you “truths” or advice, but making myself available as a conduit for whatever wishes to appear to you now. Sometimes I tell people things which seem out of context to me, and I (initially) have no idea what they mean. However, that’s one of the reasons I trust that there is a spontaneity and aliveness, and possibly purpose, to what appears.

Is this right for you?

  • I can’t make any guarantees as to whether you will like what I report or see its meaning. However, I have verified this numerous times and can spend time with you investigating meanings.
  • I cannot take any responsibility for what you do with this information. If it feels wrong or makes no sense, please disregard it.

Given the above, I can see two situations in which this could be right for you:

  • You feel it’s right. I only accept readings or healing from people when I sense that the energy is “right” and there is trust – then sometimes magic emerges. If I go against my instinct, I end up miserable or confused. So I would advise you to do the same.
  • You are simply curious and want to give this a chance with an open mind. That’s actually one of the most fruitful approaches.


While I have been working for free a lot, it would be wonderful if over time I could spend more time on this work. You are welcome to try one of my services for free, and write me a testimonial or support me financially if you find the work useful, so that I can keep doing it.

In addition to the reading itself (and the meditation and blessings at the beginning and closure), I usually spend time (sometimes hours) writing clients detailed follow-up e-mails and answering questions where necessary, or holding follow-up meetings in which we “translate” the images together. This is more sustainable when I am compensated for the time invested.

Important: this is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment; but it can be a helpful addition if you are comfortable with working from a spiritual perspective.

Types of readings

Short intuitive reading

After getting in touch with you over e-mail or Skype, I open up to receiving intuitive messages (typically images and physical sensations) relating to issues that you put forward, or to the state of your energy and soul in general.

I write an e-mail describing what appeared, and we can have a short e-mail exchange clarifying how to use this material.

In-depth energy body reading (aura, chakras, energy flow, attachments)

This takes special attunement on my part and about 30 minutes during which you relax and I focus on receiving information about your energy body through my intuition and body. I usually do this in the form of a systematic head-to-toes scan of the major body regions and chakras.

You can ask me to retrieve specific information, which may work or not – depending on whether there is something else screaming for attention in the body. This is why I generally prefer to do whole-body scans.

There are several channels on which things may come in:

Visual: in most cases I receive colours and light intensities, which I’ve learned correspond to the dominating aura colours and chakra activations, as well as processes of blockage or healing in specific body regions; and sometimes shapes and images, in rare cases what seems to be sketchy memories.

Kinaesthetic: since I’m a physical empath, I also receive a lot of information through my body, i.e. I can “tune in” to another person in such a way that I take over (some of) their body sensations, such as specific muscle spasms, areas of tension, pains, and the general “feel” of the physical body (e.g. level of vitality, toxicity, groundedness, permeability to energy, etc.).

Emotional: In some cases distinct and strong emotions come up when I scan areas of the energy or physical body (this also happens to me when giving bodywork; this is how I learnt that I’m an empath, as I could often verify that these were the client’s emotions).

Soul / energy level (for lack of a better name): Sometimes I notice sedimentations of old energy that may be burdening you, and occasionally I register external energies that have attached to your energy body.

After the reading I write you a detailed follow-up report (that usually takes another 30 minutes or so) on what appeared and provide materials on typical interpretations of colours, shapes, regions of blockage, attachments, etc. and remarks on individual interpretation where it seems necessary. You can get back to me with questions.

What’s the use of this information to you?

This level of detail is probably most useful to you if you are into energy work yourself – then you can use it as a pointer or inspiration for your own healing work. It is also useful if you are into serious self-inquiry, or are trying to work out a complex life or health issue that doesn’t seem to give way – you may get a new perspective to work with.

Energy body reading with extended follow-up discussion

Same as above, except that in addition to the follow-up report, interpretation charts, and  my quick sketchy individual interpretation, we take additional time to explore in depth how the energy patterns may relate to your individual life situation, and how these insights can be utilised in areas of your life that you are working on.

This can take place either through an extended e-mail discussion or a series of Skype meetings. It often takes some time to make the connections (especially if you are new to this type of work), so this can be quite an extended process.

Whether you are into energy work yourself or prefer more pragmatic methods, I may be able to guide you in ways to work with what was found based on my experience with bodywork, nutrition and a range of mind-body healing modalities (e.g. Ayurveda).

Note: Again, this is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy; it may merely serve as a pointer to areas that you might have overlooked.

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