Empath survival strategies

Download the first part of Sashas (quick) empath guide for a condensed version of the below.

On this site, I define an empath as a person who physically feels emotions and/or physical sensations of others in their own body – automatically and involuntarily, when being in the presence of someone, talking to them, or in some cases apparently over distance (you don’t have to believe that to make use of this guide).

(Here is semi-visual summary of some other definitions that have currency on the web.)

An example would be entering a room with a depressed person present and being struck by a wall of abysmal despair throwing itself into your gut (often the solar plexus, or for some people it’s the chest) before you’ve even talked.

You may also have difficulty (as I did) realising that this is what’s happening, wondering why you are suddenly overcome by intense, out-of-context feelings out of nowhere – nothing happened; and you have no idea what the feeling is about.

It may also feel slightly off or odd.

If this is you, or might be you, I hope you will find some useful insights, tips, and perhaps some guidance or ideas in the posts below.

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People whose ideas I’ve used or who I’ve learnt from:

kellybroganmd.com – been using parts of her nutritional and lifestyle protocol to stabilise my mood issues. I highly recommend you check this out when looking to improve the physical basis for your mental health.

eggshelltherapy.com – very thoughtful articles (including a blog/newsletter) for emotionally intense and gifted people, with some understanding of hyper-empathy both from a psychological and some alternative perspectives. I also highly recommend Imi’s book “Emotional sensitivity and intensity” and her coaching/therapy (which I have benefitted from).

traumahealed.com – so far the most thoughtful and sensitive blog I have found on trauma healing in sensitive people, by a trauma-sensitive bodyworker. Includes discussion of additional resources and book reviews. Highly recommended.

letsqueerthingsup.com – Sam’s queer transgender mental health blog actually encouraged me to blog; although I don’t agree with all views presented therein, his courage and honesty helped me recognise the value in being “out there”, in some way, for others who may be looking for stories like mine.

(For reviews of some specifically empath-related techniques and websites, see A review of empath-quick fixes.)