Nature tells

Nature tells me Do what you have to do. If you get cut down, grow Feed your children And if you can't Abandon the ones that won't survive. . We will all be back here Whether as hungry ghosts Human souls Moss Whether we take on this gentle, soft human form on again or not … Continue reading Nature tells


The Franciscan snake

A snake bit me in the Pyrenees It was the Franciscan snake Of empty-handedness, humility and trust If i want to help you, I cannot do more than the Biblical God. Yhwh (being the one who is) I can easily wait for you for decades I think i gave up talking And thinking Thank you … Continue reading The Franciscan snake

Normalising heartbreak, handling the water.

Shattering shapes of a rigid shell In the end it is nothing more than that To make room for the flow Which is moister, closer to the ground. More humble, unassuming, which hugs the Earth. Knowing how to break fluently And dispose of the scaffolding of thought and plan Quickly To partake in the quicksilver … Continue reading Normalising heartbreak, handling the water.

A cryptic and paradoxical text on soul reintegration

You've left me to the wolves. You didn't even know they exist, or that you were doing it. They are far more terrifying than anything you have ever seen. If you had seen them, i would know that by the marks on your soul. I saw more than you. . You didnt see the bright … Continue reading A cryptic and paradoxical text on soul reintegration

I wear other people’s clothes

I wear other people's clothes. I can't resist wanting to know what it's like to be you. Maybe it's better than being me. . Maybe it's a bit of relief from being me. A north star, because being me is disorienting. Quiet and disorienting in that no one has taught me to read the shapes … Continue reading I wear other people’s clothes