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The energetics of food for empaths

My health-food obsessed atheist Jewish friend has a mantra: Your diet is the religion of your body. (N. Herbstman) I'm not quite sure what he means by that. But let's say that he means that food is important. Amen. I would add, it is particularly important for sensitives. During my hippie hermit phase in the… Continue reading The energetics of food for empaths

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Who on earth (as opposed to intergalactic space) are empaths?

After having tried to explain to a number of people with some futility, here is the shortest and craziest explanation that seems to work: they're kind of like telepaths, except that instead of thoughts, they receive feelings. An empath is not just an empathic person (and actually doesn't have to be empathic – that depends… Continue reading Who on earth (as opposed to intergalactic space) are empaths?

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Empath meets neuroscience

In this article series I discuss my understanding of what distinguishes empath experiences from experiences that they can easily be confused with. This is in part an attempt to answer some of the questions that I’ve been asking myself over months or years since discovering this concept and being gradually but consistently convinced that it’s… Continue reading Empath meets neuroscience