The word

A word a thread words don't render images words don't render sensations, feelings yet, sometimes we can recognise each other when they easily fit. . we can perhaps only see each other, or feel each other without seeing and feeling, words are no bridge when there is seeing and feeling, words are game and play … Continue reading The word



Could I learn from you – freedom? I felt your heart wasn't chained your mind wasn't chained. You had no securities and you were at times fragile and naked like a snail or the wing of an insect, still moist and sticky. . Is this enough to be happy? . I wondered how you'd come … Continue reading Freedom


There is no point in rushing oblivion Rushing forgetfulness. The imprint stays stuck in your heart for a while For a reason. An ember, a dried-up stick, half burnt. What's it still doing there, immobile. Seemingly useless. . I think sometimes If it's been thrown in under the right star sign It becomes a crystallisation … Continue reading Axis