A lot of this content relates to being #ActuallyAutistic, queer, trans, having a migration background and extensive experience taming a wild mind and life on top of the occasional mystical experience.


Welcome fellow neurodiverse sensitives!

This is a site themed for people who naturally experience the world in a more intense fashion through their senses and emotions, simply because of the way our bodymind naturally is in the world.

I borrow the term “neurodiverse” from the autism acceptance movement to imply that neurologically-based diversity in human perception is, like biodiversity, vital and worth protecting and fostering.

Being far more sensitive and intense than the average, whatever form it takes for you, is a distinct way of being, valid and with its own inner logic, challenges, delights, and requirements for growth and fulfilment.

Unfortunately, the mainstream world often makes it hard to meet these requirements. Often we have to (learn to) be resilient like the weeds.

That’s why I have created this site.


The vain ambitions of this site

Because being different is hard, and being different and sensitive can be not just double-hard, but hard2, I have created this site to share many of my own personal challenges, approaches, strategies, and dubious moments of insight and self-reflection with others on a similar path to live according to their inner nature.

This is done in the hope to inspire mutual learning and support.

I am aspiring to provide information, insights and inspiration that can help you:

  1. understand yourself better
  2. accept and embrace yourself more directly and genuinely
  3. get closer to your optimal mode of functioning in the world

… and from there, be and do all the essential and wonderful things neurodiverse sensitive people naturally do whenever we are balanced and well.

Let those flowers grow.

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Neuroscience and philosophy graduate turned countryside hermit gave in to spiritual awakenings and supports fellow neuro-and-otherwise diverse sensitives through content, sharing, and even the occasional shamanic healing. Sometimes paints, sometimes plays.

Forms of sensitivity that I’ve spent years researching, overanalysing and coming to terms with are: being a highly sensitive person (HSP), an empath, on the autism spectrum (in case you didn’t realise, off-the-chart sensory and/or emotional sensitivity is a common feature here), gifted in specific sensory or emotional areas (which often goes together with sensitivity and excitability), a synaesthete (someone whose senses cross-talk a lot), someone with unusual intuitive gifts (a “sixth sense”), and – not sure whether to include that, but also being transgender in a nonbinary way and queer.

I’m also a multipotentialite – which is why I get passionately obsessed with a new area of interest every couple of months or so.

Yes, blog subscribers may have to deal with that.

However, I’ve found that sensitive neurodiversity is a good umbrella term for most things that fascinate me long-term: the human bodymind and its incredible inner intelligence, creativity and adaptability – and how it manifests individually in each person.

I love talking to it with words and energy and tweaking it.

I love using it as a vehicle for deeper learning and kind-of spiritual growth.


Is that you?

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