Hello and welcome, I’m Sasha. I’m a queer empath and HSP with mirror touch synaesthesia (among other forms of neurodiversity) and a multicultural/migration background, as well as a history with so-called giftedness and various mental health issues.

I also have kind of a crazy creative life filled with both long, meditative journeys into the depths and unpredictable passion and adventure, now and then.

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Definitions, if any of the above baffles you:

  • Queer: in my case with gender dysphoria (borderline transgender) and without any sexual orientation (pun; sure there is plenty of orientation, it’s just not classifiable)
  • HSP: highly sensitive person, someone who processes everything – sense impressions, ideas and emotions – with much more depth and intensity than usual (a well-researched form of neurodiversity)
  • Empath: someone who automatically/involuntarily senses others’ emotions and pains physically, talks to plants and the Earth and has an aptitude for dreams and visions (more of a New Age concept, however, I’ve found nothing better to describe it)
  • Synaesthesia: having “extra” sensory perceptions in comparison to the neurotypical. In my case, I frequently sense other people’s physical and emotional sensations (kinaesthetically in my own body) when seeing or hearing (or, crazy, even reading) them. I also see colours about everything and sometimes smell smells or taste tastes related to emotions; and feel colours as emotions; and probably more that I’m not aware of yet (until recently, I didn’t know that neurotypical people do not share the above perceptions – still hard to believe).
  • Migration background: left country of origin at age four, later nomad/drifter with huge identity issues and “belonging nowhere”
  • Gifted: the kind of kid who read Plato at 12, got 3 PhD scholarships but finished none due to mental health and “meaning of life” issues, not to mention highly painful social overwhelm issues, and is frequently accused of having Asperger’s but usually acquitted



This website

I’m here to write about all these and more topics from a first-person perspective.



Because it was (is) exceedingly hard for me to find relatable, supportive stories out there that are similar to mine. But when I did stumble into the rare few, they were often life-changing for me.

I’ve also found it next to impossible to find usable guidance and advice – whether it concerns mental health, relationships, career, spirituality or personal life – that is relevant and suitable for “people like me” (let’s say, gender non-conforming sensitives who on top of it might be multicultural and neurodiverse).

Some stuff is really different for “people like us”, and when we face challenges, conventional advice and pressures can backfire painfully. That is also true of the self-help literature I’ve been perusing for perhaps a decade now in response to various challenges I’ve met. Most of it seems to be addressed to people who live a life that I’m not made to live; who can do stuff I can’t and can’t do stuff I can.

Most of the life advice I’ve received early on in various milieus completely backfired for me – as it can often do for HSPs, empaths, and people who are for whatever reason completely outside the cultural mainstream.

That’s why I’d like to share some of my (past and present) life journey, and here and there offer an “advice column” – I don’t think it’s a good idea to pretend I can advise anyone on their life, but sometimes I enjoy writing up things that I’d wished I had found somewhere when I was younger and needed to hear (read) then.

Or to write up things that have helped me that I need to remind myself of and reflect more deeply on.




Perhaps some of you can relate and draw something useful from it.

In that case, I’d certainly appreciate hearing back about your reflections, struggles, stories, questions.

Also, if you feel I’d probably have the experience to address a particular issue related to the above topics, feel free to drop me a line, and I may include it in a future post.

Thanks and enjoy!

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