Who reads this and why?

Since I see that there seems to be a stable number of people reading this blog recently, but the blog (like my mind :D) is kind of jumping from topic to topic. So I was wondering if some of the readers would feel like sharing what’s their context and interest in this?

I think at the very beginning, when this blog was about “empaths” and all kinds of spirit world stuff, there was a bunch of rare people following it for that. Then there’s a bunch of people reading this cause they know me in “real life” (rather embarrassing). I also get the impression that since I’ve made autism a topic, there’s a small segment from the #ActuallyAutistic community checking in. And then there’s some philosophically minded co-bloggers from wordpress …

After several major topic changes, just curious knowing who my audience actually is at this point 🙂

I’m also asking because I have more topics in mind – specifically, specialist topics on autistic recovery from complex ptsd, which I realise is a way to describe large numbers of these posts – and I keep wondering if it’s better to make a separate blog for that. Or just throw it at people here?

Most of this is personal rambling, but here and there I also have the courage to give some experience-based “how to”. The former is probably easier to write (as a form of self-therapy in any case), but is the latter perhaps more interesting or valuable for many? Reflecting on this lately.

In any case, thanks dear readers for sitting through this announcement and I’ll be grateful for and curious about any signs!

3 thoughts on “Who reads this and why?

  1. I read this blog, because it offers the level of reflectiveness and sensitivity that resonates with me very strongly.

  2. I have more thoughts than I have time to type — but many of them boil down to, “I like the person I meet when I read your posts.” (Philosophical musings? Living with high sensory and emotional sensitivity? Learning to understand yourself as you are inwardly, and as you are in relation to others? Yes, please!) At the moment, what’s on my mind is that my therapist has suggested I might be on the spectrum. This has left my mental committee in an uproar of agreement and fear; reading about how you’re navigating your world gives me some hope that I’ll be able to navigate mine. If you’re thinking about writing about C-PTSD and neurodiversity, I’d love to hear more, wherever you choose to share it.

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