Messing with representational painting preserving the fun of the abstract #1

My recent project is to go from copying to painting without any models, based on imagination and memory. 

The copied work so far certainly looks more decent (see here).

However, it’s also annoying to not be able (or scared) to just paint visual thoughts, dreams and visions, and these things. 

I’ve spent quite a long time doodling abstract shapes, line configurations, colour configurations (just check the archive). 

Below is one of my first attempts to turn the fun random line shapes and colour contrasts into recognisable representations of things. 

[Again, sorry for the horrible photo quality, taken at night with an old phone.]

I’m trying to preserve the pressure-free approach that I enjoyed in my abstract colour attacks into this phase of representational paintings. There is actually a lot of freedom in depicting things in strange ways, with no constraints on realism, no aspiration beyond having a lot of fun in the process. Recovering and now preserving that is my main point. 

Approaching the messing with colour from a grounded, calm perspective bound to internal standards of pleasure and “juiciness” and exploration (rather than the typical “performance” approach)  – a soul healing to making peace with what was lost to perfectionism and pressure and what needs to be restored for my psyche to metabolise things again. 

[This is halfway through the painting process, and will probably be ruined. Check back for the ruined version in a few days.]

As a title I’d use Belgorod or some other slavonic-sounding town name.

It makes me think of Ukraine.

Feel free to comment if you have a perfectionism path behind you as well or relate to the strange transition from “nice” art to fun art; or relate to art as a healing process. 

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