Zen sketches, unadulterated #1

In a previous post on ruining sketches, I deplored the state of affairs under which my finished paintings seem to please the eye and imagination less than my sketches.

One way out of this could be improving my painting technique. 

That may or may not happen 🙂

The lazier way, or as Masanobu Fukuoka might say with more profundity, the do-nothing way, is to leave stuff unfinished and declare it a finished work.

I’m experimenting with this do-nothing way below.

It is certainly fun and freeing; it also eats a lot of paper and very little time.

Where it leads to is unclear. 

All the ambiguity and empty spaces seem to make my imagination happy though. 

PS. Apologies for the poor image quality, this was hard to photograph in gloom and rain without decent daylight. 

PPS. The Fukuoka quote refers to a generative strategy (of farming, but why not art?) of doing less while observing and listening more. Refer to The One-Straw Revolution

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