Sketch with monsters (Dec 5)

This started a week ago as spilling some red paint over a canvas to express some emotions of the same colour. There was initially a sketch of an animalistic monster and a madonna (the one from Haczów) in there, but I’ve covered it up in a forest of abstraction mostly. 

I’m not sure I like it, but the current project is painting a lot, and finishing paintings, even if they start off not necessarily on the right foot, or if something goes wrong in the middle.

When I was young I stopped painting out of fear and perfectionism.

As soon as I had a sketch that spoke to me, I’d stop for fear of ruining it by adding something that was “wrong”. 

This way, I just had piles of zen-like sketches that I’d throw out eventually. 

The current project is cheap canvasses, cheap paint, and ruining at least 100 of them to stop paralysis and find a language. 


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