Ruining zen sketches on Dec 5

I frequently like my sketches much better than my finished paintings. 

As mentioned in the previous post, I often prefer not to finish anything because my feeling is that adding more stuff will inevitably ruin it. 

An example is provided below. 

I enjoyed looking at this, vague landscape sketch.

Leaving room for imagination.

Pushed myself to try and fill the rest up with paint, and the result is much less pleasant to look at for me … although it will probably still go onto one of the walls in the apartment, for the sake of adding personality to a new and sterile place. 

I’m experimenting and trying to figure out what usually ruins it.

My guess is that it’s the lack of defined composition (clear lines) and contrast (between structure and empty space) that gets lost as more stuff is added. 

I wonder if I’ll figure out how to preserve that into “finished” paintings. 

Or whether I’ll have the courage to just do zen sketches and call them finished paintings. 

The bottom line is that I’d rather have this on the wall …

… or this …

… or actually, even that one.

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