Who hasn’t

Who hasn’t been a Jew?

My mum has, certainly me in my dreams.

Who in central Europe hasn’t? Probably only those who lack sensitivity, imagination, and a taste for books and history.

Certainly I eerily sensed my past in the streets of religious Jerusalem, and you keep coming back to Poland, to visit no one, why you come I don’t know, because you hear something in the flutter of the wings of birds hovering above the streets of Lublin?

Why do you come back?


In Jerusalem, who hasn’t been Jesus?

Even among the Polish migrants in the West, who hasn’t been Jesus?

Why would a Britisher turn into a Jewess?

Whether it’s demons speaking, or the voices of our souls raging for the inhumanity and unnaturalness we have born,

this side is actually not scary,

it is perhaps the more human side, the native language

the animal language

that finds a path back upon itself

the more strongly you tear it away, the more magnificent and apocalyptic the fireworks of darkness and light that bring it back.

the soul has strength and regeneration

the body gets worn away, chipped away, and it can also make the soul fail



(this is a melange of associations about various people i have seen go crazy)


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