The word

A word

a thread

words don’t render images

words don’t render sensations, feelings

yet, sometimes we can recognise each other

when they easily fit.


we can perhaps only see each other, or feel each other

without seeing and feeling, words are no bridge

when there is seeing and feeling, words are game and play

and music

but probably nothing has ever been said.


perhaps words work at the edges of experience.

if i just have a step or two to go

to be where you are

or if i’m there but haven’t recognised it

at the edges: nothing new can be said, but the old can be stretched and occasionally twisted and turned, around the rims, to grow or occasionally tear. down a curtain or two.


or sometimes to turn a thing into a thing

the unnamed may remain insubstantial

even if we both see it

before we name it

and admit it into the circle of reality.

we can then work with it


*cryptic random piece for my friend who saw the vision of the swan.


One thought on “The word

  1. Hey there hope your well? I love reading your blogs and I wasn’t kidding when I once said I question whether I’m autistic or not and had I been masking all my life? I decided to look it up today and watch a couple vids on YouTube some of the stuff he mentioned I definitely doable and have done, problem is do I see a physician and have it professionally assessed or learn to cope with it naturally? Since my biggest problem not only as an empath, is comfort zone, boundaries both in positive and negative aspects and I think this is specific to me? I love growing/boasting about it as a person, before I’d probably hide it but now I just want the world to know about me?! And everything that matters to me?

    Were u diagnosed professionally or self diagnosed? What inspired you to blog? I’m contemplating on it, should I? I don’t really know what I want from life anymore as if I’m still finding myself owning up to what I am but fear of the unknown, not a crippling way but at the same time I like the rush of adrenaline of such ventures that are new to me ? Makes me want to explore more.. 🤷

    You can call me Ali from now on,.. and this is exactly what I mean..


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