Could I learn from you – freedom?

I felt your heart wasn’t chained

your mind wasn’t chained.

You had no securities

and you were at times


and naked

like a snail or the wing of an insect, still moist and sticky.


Is this enough

to be happy?


I wondered how you’d come so far (half the globe), in gentleness, fluidity. Perhaps through the fine cracks, oblivious to the solidity of the rock?

Did you just decide the walls were invisible to you

And swim?

Was this enough to be happy for a few moments?


There was no fear in you

of yourself.

Of things you could feel

things you could think

things you could remember.

Even though, like me

you are you and not-you.

Almost daily.

But you had no fear

of attachment

of detachment

of pain

of tears

or of losing face: you had no face to lose.

you just walked as a living being.


I felt free when near you.

You’ve left

But perhaps I know where to go.


Rather, how to abide.

I’ve always known this is the path

but never seen someone do it.

Now I have nothing to lose

(except perhaps the illusion of gain)

the road is becoming more hospitable as my baggage is burnt and the embers become simply me, lighter


Since age eight

I knew my thing in this world is freedom

but what is freedom?

I felt today that it is

the ability to accept your breath unhindered

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