Song played late night with eyes closed. Piano improvisation.

This post is what it says on the can. Relatively relaxing and pensive piano music that I’ve played last night at 1 am while being completely tired, falling asleep (eyes closed), and not looking at the keys.

This seems to be the most fun, to be honest.

Just playing with textures, forgetting about harmony or melody – no idea what notes are being played, just focussing on the flow of the music itself, on its movement … the texture it creates in time.

It also has something static and pleasing, like contemplating patterns on the water, diffracted light, or a flame burning in its repetitive patterns.

The background image (full sketch below the sound) I’ve chosen, in contrast, has many eyes.

Enjoy if you do!



And for balance, the sketch with many eyes:

20180826_143304 copy


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