The Franciscan snake

A snake bit me in the Pyrenees

It was the Franciscan snake

Of empty-handedness, humility and trust

If i want to help you,

I cannot do more than the Biblical God.

Yhwh (being the one who is)

I can easily wait for you for decades

I think i gave up talking

And thinking

Thank you for that, Margerita


Your autistic ways taught me the price of pretending to be sane

That price is sanity


I trust the rock


And accept protection from the forest spirits

On the hidden, moist, cool north face of the mountain


I expose myself to the or my primal fears from time to time

Because i can’t live straight without unadulterated contact with the mystery


I have clearly learnt the limits of the intellect

And the emotions

Now i am learning the limits of instinct

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