Those who are richer

In money

In friends

In past

Photos of the past


Realising time effort energy strength stand limitations

Awakens a new emotion, envy

The way other people live

And there will be no time for me to live that way


Sure, children believe in unlimited potential

Attempting spiritual ways of keeping this faith somehow by transforming it

Rendering it fluid so it can fill the narrow gap between the cracked surfaces of physical reality and inner psychological necessity

Discovering gradually how much of life’s sound is played on the tension of this string

Soft spiral grinding in wet sand of the limit with the possibility

The left eye with the right eye

Flying, walking and ultimately dwelling underground

Gravity and the force that sprouts seeds towards the sun

It is not fully a human story

A human sense or a human meaning

Perhaps we struggle to digest this structure that doesn’t fit our human stories, in so many ways

Whether through awe, anger, insanity, or, most commonly in comfortable conditions, numbness

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