Normalising heartbreak, handling the water.

Shattering shapes of a rigid shell

In the end it is nothing more than that

To make room for the flow

Which is moister, closer to the ground. More humble, unassuming, which hugs the Earth.

Knowing how to break fluently

And dispose of the scaffolding of thought and plan


To partake in the quicksilver streams of the moment

While they are still liquid and vivid and hold the life water that will teach you the correct way of channeling all waters gently awakened through the porous stone of your heart

it is clear that as soon as the dam is cracked and the stone is broken the successive floods will abolish that which was obstructing

However, this only comes in an honest pliability to pain

The way of handling the water seems to be given by gravity

Why did i insist on spluttering it into tumbling waves and erring mists?


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