Parting the seas

The tenderness

Is unspeakable.

However, it is tangible.


You pull me

Into the warm, satiated sea


You say you fall into trances easily.

So do i.

It’s in the nature of creatures like us.


But i’ve chosen to tread the bottom of the sea with my feet dry.

You swim.

You even had to swim in every lake we passed.

Somehow, i decided i’d rather part the seas and walk through them, upright, dry, and awake.


You dont walk with me. You wonder why my eyes stay open.

I dont swim with you: it’s too overflowing. I’ve learnt to associate it with a lack of discipline. Pethaps that’s Saturn in my brow.


Still, somehow we dance and wrestle with the waves.


Have i ever seen a being emerge from this same Ocean, minute by minute, second be second?


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