Taming solitude, once again.

Taming solitude.

To find all four legs of the table (or all four Jungian elements).

To withstand winds.

Winds of fear, demons that used to scare;

but also gusts of delusion; and that which just hangs in the clouds, legless.

That which stands upside down but does not realise it.




Sometimes we live upside down,

for long stretches.

It doesn’t necessarily feel upside down.

We don’t necessarily know it’s us.

It’s just that everything feels entangled.

Every movement in a cobweb, bringing the opposite effect from what was thought. Giving opposite signs from what was intended. Reading the letters upside down.




You say the life of the fool.

Walking backwards,

from death to birth.

Walking in both directions at once.


Paths always crossing in the middle, which is now.

You say the life of the fool.

Well yes, the only life some of us have.

I’ve certainly sold my soul.




Not for crime, not for sex, not for money.

I have forgotten that we have nothing.


In between forgetting that we have nothing,


I have forgotten with which part we feel.




Illustrations used, in turn:

  1. The fool card from the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck (1910), upside down.
  2. The 72 Kabbalistic names of God.
  3. Dr Faustus selling his soul to the devil. Cover of the 1620 printing.

Bonus track: as Tracy Chapman’s mother apparently said.




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