A slightly scientific empath guide (with neuroscience and synaesthesia). Part 1.

I’ve just finished drafting the first part of my empath guide project.

It answers the ominous yet fundamental question …

Are you an empath?

… in a way you probably aren’t used to, with a logical and science-trained aspie mind that’s been obsessing about these questions for a while. No angels, crystals, orbs, salt baths, spirit guides etc. in there. A bit of neuroscience, and yes, a bit of mystery.

If you read it …

… mind to tell me whether it actually does answer that question for you? (In the comments or otherwise.)


And please do comment and criticise, it can only get better with your input.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 18.18.44


One thought on “A slightly scientific empath guide (with neuroscience and synaesthesia). Part 1.

  1. To this specific question, personally, any of the stuff like crystals and the usual that get suggested for most empaths, don’t work for me, whether that’s out if my own laziness to want to put in the effort to try or not trying it long enough to see its effects, is beyond me.
    But over time it’s helped to have someone there to support me through in some of the ways that they have, and the fact to always remind myself to never give up hope, I do believe if each individual empath or whatever category they belong in, even with mental health issues whatever they may be, believing and finding hope in whatever it is we find hope in, is sufficient to carry us through the down days of life or otherwise.
    Just have to be sincere enough in trying and never giving up and reminding ourselves, of another life, that’s if we believe in one, not according to how we will be raised but that we tried, even if no one saw, and if we believe in God, then he is witness to it. The Goal is not the destination but the journey in itself.

    You talk about alot of interesting materials, I don’t actually feel the need to criticize in anyway, but constructive suggestions, what works for one may not always work for all, but it’s worth trying and learning from, surely it counts as something?
    In another aspect if we can teach one person to find true love whatever love we want to talk about or refer to, surely we have the ability to teach that in another? And it doeant have to be burdensome to feel that we carry that responsibility alone, we use our light work, well I do mostly, in prayers, supplications, religious scriptures and how I tend to certain energies, those are calls to our guides, whose light we carry carry within us and they’re guides, and so forth, what we don’t control is destiny, but we can change it with that power of togetherness and belief in unity of what we hold inside, just have to be persistent in it.

    I’m interested to know more what your thoughts are on why Ur freind wasn’t affected in the ways you had perhaps anticipated or what her take on it was?

    And tbh with you where empath-empath freindships are concerned or where there is no friendship but we can feel somewhat like our privacy us inaccessible by that mere consuming thoughts of what if’s and buts of personal stuff, don’t let it bother you, my empath friend and I came a long way from discovering our gifts and how we managed them and still continue to learn to, we discovered and exploded so many aspects of energy that would seem obsurd, unlikely, and all in the mind to some, but there will be few who may have had the traits we did, but if I’ve learnt anything to offer her solace and peace of mind is that she knew better than anyone when we become so alligned I’m synchronicity, without any evidence or physical cue there is no validation in anything, and I reminded her when emotions start bouncing and escelati g and that if it came to that other empaths would themselves be freaked out if they didn’t know who to turn to or to understand what’s taking place.. so even as other empaths ascend hopefully she will always stand taller and stronger😊… And she always knew how to mess up if not mine (anymore) other people’s frequencies by a few little mind tricks and sneakiness where her social networks were concerned.. those are still there to be utilised on others, and that’s not malice in anyway is giving oneself the chance to live peacefully and privately be it in their mind or in their home or wherever else In The world.
    Even as string a connection I had with this freind she knew that it was hit and miss sometimes, or completely the opposite, I told her about special gift that I’d discovered and if that had anything to do with it she found peace and relaxation in the fact that if you accept that anyone can know what they want no matter how uncomfortable something is you don’t want them to know, pretend and accept that they know, it emits a lower frequency over time, generates less energy and others won’t even sense it.. 😉 just don’t think about what you don’t want others to know, and feel confident enough to talk about it, in a way that is comfortable enough for you, then gradually build on it.. don’t hesitate, don’t worry about what you emit and you’ll most certainly begin to feel more relaxed over time..

    Try not to over think, as hard as that can be sometimes, if it can wait, let it and return to it another time, who know without even any effort the answer might just come to you in its own unique way.. keep writing!

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