Empath last ditch strategy: if you can’t switch it off, switch the channel


This is something I have learnt to do after well over a year of actively investigating my empath radar.

I realised that I can sometimes pick up completely different vibrations from the same person or object depending on my state of mind. The other flavours will still be there, but the dominating one will have changed. It’s like turning around and object and zooming in from a completely different angle.

The thing is that objects, places, and (especially) people are so complex at an energetic level that you can’t sense everything (at least I can’t, maybe you can). Your  empath radar driven by you subconscious mind makes a selection for you.

The good thing is, as I realised, that after cultivating friendship with that part of your mind for a while, you can give it tasks, and it will often wag its tail excitedly and jump up and down when you give it something useful to do. At least mine does that.

It’s like, after keeping the poor dog in the basement all my life, I finally take it out and give it something to run after. While after first releasing it, it may just jump around in circles like a crazy monkey (what got me into empath overload), if it’s a blood hound like mine, after a while it will get bored of these children’s games and be thrilled to get some serious game to hunt.

Now the point is to point it at the right game.

The right game is what you want to experience more of, e.g. love, harmony, vitality, resilience, creativity, strength, compassion, honesty, courage, integrity, life-sustaining power and such. Send your empath radar for that. Ask it to hunt down these energies in you and other people for you.

You may be surprised how often it will come up with something, even from sources that you’ve previously perceived as vaults of darkness.

Since that’s kind of like the empath version of the pop “positive thinking” advice – you’re directing your energy radar via your attention – don’t make the mistake of actively pushing out the dark stuff. At least before you are on really good terms with it and can do so without insulting it. Just try to hold both, light and dark, if you can at the same time.

To phrase it in another way, since your empath radar is anyways active non-stop scanning your environment, why not give it instructions on what to scan for? Because if you don’t, it will fall back to whatever is the “default state” of your mind, which may be chaos, and in that state there is usually a bias (known as “negativity bias” in psychology and neuroscience) towards the negative – if you don’t give it other instructions, your brain assumes that negative stimuli are more important because they could signal danger. The problem is that you then get dragged down into fearful or depressed states that then set up or “prime” (another well-known term from psychology and neuroscience) your brain – and the energy radar entwined with it for this lifetime – to look for even more negativity.

So it’s just not a good idea to let this run on autopilot – give it tasks.

Another task that was very helpful for me to tame my roaming empath radar was learning basic energy healing, but this is not be the case for everyone. Find out what breed of dog you have and what its instincts were made for, then make it do that.


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