Feel Thy field

This works for me because one of the major incentives to “travel” into other people’s energies was that I didn’t know how to locate my field; I didn’t know I have one. The reason for losing the way home was probably a level of emotional stress that made my field subjectively uninhabitable as a child.

In fact, the way I started practicing this was imagining myself in the third person. I was so used to traveling to and identifying with other people’s fields that the easiest way to find mine was to point to myself (mentally) and say (mentally) — now please read exactly and in detail how this person feels; sense the various levels of their emotion and pain, joy and though, empathise with them in order to show compassion to them.

This, coupled with a deliberate and obstinate commitment to self-care based in self-acceptance (which at a point involved spending hours listening to audios on the topic — the free series from soundstrue is fairly decent — in order to drive home the point that it’s not only ethical but the only way to go), allowed me to gradually access my field more and more easily, and finally lodge in it permanently.

I can still get displaced in states of extreme stress or dissociation, but this is the marked exception, not the norm; and I notice it now — whereas before I didn’t realise that this is not how you are supposed to live. Although, yes, I did feel that something was wrong, but I was in no place to understand what was happening, much less remedy it.

This may not be an issue for everyone; in fact, it may mostly pertain to empaths with a significant amount of emotional trauma. However, it is these very people that need to know this and need the most help untangling all the threads that make up their “empath syndrome”.

I hope you can find some guidance in these pages; since I am still wanting to understand better how all this shows up in others’ experiences, at the moment comments may also available from me personally via e-mail — give it a try.

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