How to stop feeling other people’s emotions – Zen version

After a year of practice yielding serious improvements, trying out a host of techniques, modifying, fusing, combining and dropping them — the following is how I would distill the essence of what works for me now into a minimal number of words.

1. Know Thyself. Feel Thy field.

2. Love and nurture your field, so that you can stand to inhabit it.

3. Inhabit your field. One way to do that that is perhaps less esoteric than others is to learn to sense and inhabit the inner volumes of your body — living within each body part (and its = your vibration) in turn and then all of them simultaneously.

4. Understand responsibility, and that you are taking it for things that it’s not just dysfunctional, but unethical to take it for.

5. Understand responsibility not only in your intellect, but in your heart and gut — reflect on it and digest it until you reach a deep sense of truth-for-you on this matter.

6. When you are becoming too involved with someone else’s energy, remind yourself of this. Then, travel (with your attention) back to your field and lodge there safely.

Different people need different approaches to get a grip on this; for me techniques alone didn’t work; only a very deep mind shift and practice in staying true to my honest insights worked.

Techniques to distinguish my feelings from others’ were to some degree helpful; the essential step here though was consistent effort towards mindfulness of very subtle shifts in energy “flavour” (and a good deal of detective work).

Feel free to use this as a reflection prompt and share in the comments, or to read up in more detail on the various paths that may have to be travelled on this journey.

Here is a review of various quick-fix techniques I have tried.

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